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Issue 86

Discover the latest thinking in the mental health and wellness space with a fascinating range of features, including:

– What is ‘burnt toast theory’ and can it help us embrace life’s positives?
– Discover the power of micro-breaks
– Learn the importance of having a ‘third place’ in your life
– How to quit a sugar addiction
– What to do if you feel like you’re talking a brick wall during arguments
– Five tips for dealing with the feeling of living in someone’s shadow

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Issue 85

Discover fresh thinking, in issue 85. This month, we’re exploring a huge range of fascinating topics, including:

- What can we learn from the Japanese concept of ‘shikata ga nai’?

- When does daydreaming too much become a problem?

- Tips for saying ‘I don’t’ to wedding stress

- How the act of walking can become deeply healing

- What to do when you’re in ‘threat mode’

- Why it’s never too late to discover who you are

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Issue 84

Schedule in some time for rest and reflection, with issue 84. This month, we’re bringing you a fantastic range of features including:

How looking out for micro seasons could soothe our modern lives

Understanding stillbirth, and why we must talk about it

How to savour memories without building up clutter

Tips for using a feelings wheel

Discover the Happiful Poetry Prize 2024 winners and runners-up

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Issue 83

Open your mind, with issue 83. This month, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

Do you have a fear of ‘being normal’?

How designing our homes around nature could be the future

100 ways to relax and unwind

Why we need to talk about postnatal rage

What is prolonged grief disorder?

How to break free of the cycle of anxiety

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Issue 82

For the perfect excuse for some quality ‘me-time’, enjoy a great read with issue 82 of Happiful. Packed with a range of fascinating features including:

  • What it’s like to live beyond your comfort zone

  • Is love at first sight really possible? (And does it last?)

  • How to handle decision paralysis

  • Myths about Tourette’s syndrome

  • How to handle phone-pinging anxiety

  • Going through grief, together

  • Challenging cherophobia – a fear of happiness

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Issue 81

Start the year strong with issue 81. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features, including:

  • How finding ‘glimmers’ everyday could be key to savouring joy

  • New Year anxiety, and how to reject pressure to change

  • What is ‘social jetlag’ and is it impacting you?

  • How to break free of perfectionist traps

  • Tips for talking about money in relationships

  • Why we should all learn to name our emotions

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Issue 80

Dedicate some time to reflect and reframe. This month, we’re bringing you a range of thought-provoking features, including:

  • How to cultivate three types of curiosity

  • 10 ways to find joy in unexpected places

  • The biggest good news stories from the past year

  • Tips for letting go of fear

  • Five ways to live mindfully

  • How to go on a ‘judgement detox’

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Issue 79

Discover the latest mental health and wellbeing thinking, and be inspired to take it into your own life with issue 79. This month, you can expect a range of features, including:

  • What is ‘therapy speak’, and do we need to be cautious about it?

  • Learn about the concept of emotional wintering

  • Ruby Wax on her top five life lessons

  • Why poetry can be a tool for good

  • The ultimate guide to charity shopping

  • Begin your breathwork journey here

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Issue 78

Open your mind to new possibilities, with issue 78. This month, we’re bringing you a thoughtful range of features, including:

How to spot ‘deferred happiness syndrome’
Podcaster Luke Clark on his choice to go sober
8 myths about pet bereavement, debunked
What to do when you get ‘the ick’
Tips for getting the most out of GP appointments

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Issue 77

It’s time to put your wellbeing first. This month, we’ve got a range of fascinating features, including:

  • Could scheduling ‘worry time’ be the key to taking back control?

  • The unique ways libraries are stepping up for our wellbeing

  • Tips for managing your finances when you have ADHD

  • How to escape the perfectionist trap

  • 5 myths about long-term relationships

  • What can the Finns teach us about happiness?

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Issue 76

This month, discover a new way of thinking, with issue 76. This issue, we’ve got an inspiring range of features, including:

– The power of daydreaming in the modern world

– How a social model for disability changes everything

– Tips for having a healthy relationship with influencers

– The wellbeing lessons we can take from ‘rewilding’

– How to support a child with insomnia

– What pilates can teach us about movement and health

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Happiful Issue 75

Be curious this month. With issue 75, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

– Is social media helping or hindering our mental health?
– Meet the men who use cold water to manage their wellbeing
– Things you should know before starting therapy
– Our top travelling tips for introverts
– Presenter Anna Richardson on life’s highs and lows
– How to deal with a friendship wage gap

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Happiful Issue 74

Gain a fresh perspective with issue 74. This time, we’re exploring a range of fascinating features, including:

– How scream therapy and rage rooms could be the key to calm

– Reality star Sam Thompson on receiving an adult AHDH diagnosis

– Tips for having a healthy relationship with achievement

– Strictly’s Dianne Buswell on where she finds joy

– 9 positive ways to start your week

– How to respond to intrusive questions

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Issue 73

Put your wellbeing first with issue 73. This month, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

– How to be positively productive with ADHD
– 20 signs of passive-aggressive behaviour
– Tips for harnessing your anger for good
– Why dancing in the rain should be your new hobby
– How you can use sounds to support your wellbeing
– What is second-hand stress, and can you catch it?

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Issue 72

Take time to nurture your wellbeing this month, with issue 72 of Happiful. We’re bringing you a range of uplifting features, including:

– The Japanese tradition teaching us about the value of life

– What is ‘career cushioning’, and should you do it?

– Ways to boost your motivation

– Stories of people building a better world

– How to establish routines in new places

– Self-care activities inspired by the seasons

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Issue 71

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with issue 71. This time, we’re bringing you a range of invigorating features, including:

– What a Victorian wellness trend can teach us today
– How to handle information overload
– Yoga for desk workers
– What to do when your emotions have been dismissed
– How to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma
– Creating healthy gaming habits with kids

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Issue 70

Join us on a journey inside your mind, with issue 70 – our emotions special. This issue, we’re bringing you a range of features, including:

– How to get in touch with your core emotions
– Could joy be the antidote to burnout?
– 9 myths about success
– Learn how to reframe anger
Giovanna Fletcher on following her passion

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Issue 69

Discover the art of wellness with issue 69 of Happiful. This time, we’re bringing you a range of features, including:

– The first in our series exploring our relationship with nature

– How art therapy can support us through tough times

– 20 questions to unlock your potential

– Tips for tackling self-destructive behaviour

– Do you have super-helper syndrome?

– Taking care of menstrual wellbeing at work

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Issue 68

Celebrate the season of self-care and spread a little kindness with Happiful’s issue 68. In this edition, we’re inviting you to indulge in a range of features, including:

– 44 good news stories to make you smile

The wellbeing power of some community spirit (and how to harness it)

Tackling the five ‘fs’ of stress

What to do if you feel financially trapped

The art of letting go: how to find freedom with forgiveness

What is Peter Pan syndrome?

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Issue 67

Sow the seeds of wellness, with issue 67. This month, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

– How to embrace anti-perfectionism
– Joe Sugg on discovering a slower pace of life
– Tips for turning mistakes into lessons
– Why we need to talk about menopause at work
– How to handle a loved one who lies
– Could hypnotherapy help stop procrastination?

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Issue 66

Put sleep problems to bed, with issue 66. This month, we’re exploring the world of sleep problems, and more, with a range of features, including:

– What are your dreams really telling you?
– Forget fads, try our science-back tips for better sleep
– How to support kids with sleep
– Foods that help tackle anxiety
– Dealing with ADHD in adulthood
– The truth about grief

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Issue 65

Celebrate and appreciate every part of you, with issue 65. This month, we’re bringing you a range of features, including:

– The colourful trend of dopamine dressing, and what it tells us about ourselves

– The ancient wisdom that can teach us about happiness in 2022

– Recipes for sleep snacks to send you off to dreamland

– The truth about narcissism

– How to talk about burnout at work

– What are ‘morning pages’ and could this hack help our wellbeing?

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Issue 64

Find a safe space in issue 64 of Happiful. In this issue, we’re bringing you a range of features, including:

– Tips for setting boundaries
– The importance of personal sanctuaries, and how to find yours
– Signs that you’re overworking
– What’s the orgasm gap?
– Science-backed ways to boost endorphins
– Why the way we talk about mental health matters

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Issue 63

This issue, we’re diving into a selection of fascinating features, including:

– Tips for growing old with joy
– Why, and how, you should go on a soul-searching journey
– What’s an adult gap year?
– How to talk to an employer about ADHD
– Myths about schizophrenia, debunked
– Birth anxiety, and how to handle it
– Plus, our print exclusive journaling pages

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June 2022

This issue, we’re exploring how to take the next steps for your wellbeing with a range of features, including:

– How to go on a journey of transformation
– Will Young on self-mastery and the reality of fame
– Why it’s time to let go of perfectionism
– How ‘habit stacking’ is your game-plan for change
– It’s time to learn how to truly express yourself

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May 2022

Find your own calm amidst the chaos of the world with this issue dedicated to helping you discover the peace you deserve. With actionable advice, inspiring insight, and fascinating features including:

– The sandwich generation: are you a part of it?

– Walk the rainbow by combining colour therapy with nature

– Is it time to embrace radical honesty?

– The importance of empath energy, and how to protect it

– Reset your sleep schedule in just three days

– Six myths about loneliness

– Journaling pages to tune-in to your emotions

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April 2022

This issue, we’re bringing you an uplifting line-up of features, including:

– How to thrive when you make a mid-life pivot

– The truth behind tears

– What to do when you’re stuck in a toxic workplace

– How to drift off at night, naturally

– 50 positive mental health stories

– Are you an overfunctioner?

– How to deal with decision fatigue

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March 2022

This issue, be uplifted by our range of inspiring, practical, and touching features, including:

– What is social capital, and how does it enrich our lives?

–Take care of your vision with eye yoga

– How to make bathing an art

– 100 questions to ask your partner, now

– Could rest boost creativity?

– How to tell if you’re being too hard on yourself

– Five myths about skin-picking

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February 2022

Learn how to take care of your wellbeing this month with our range of fascinating features, including:

– How does manifestation actually work?

– Inspiration for creating your own vision board

– How to use crystals to support self-care

– The importance of setting boundaries

– How to spot inequality at home

– Is it time to make meditation a habit?

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January 2022

Start the New Year with our January issue. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features, including:

– How to spot when the time is right to make a change in your life

– Tips for when life doesn’t go to plan

– What is toxic positivity?

– How to find motivation as an adult with ADHD

– Using pressure points to soothe anxiety

– The ultimate morning routine

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December 2021

Unlock new possibilities, with our December issue. This month, we’re bringing you an uplifting range of features, including: 

– How to spot when the time is right to make a change in your life

– The best advice we’ve ever been given

– The real obstacles to work-life balance

– How to confront diet talk

– Reaching milestones during the bereavement process

– How to embrace your creative superpower

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November 2021

Find comfort in our November issue. This month, we’re bringing you a range of features, including:

– The wellbeing benefits of baking and how to cook them up

– A practical guide to feng shui in your home

– How to let go of food guilt

– Learn how to spot the signs of winter SAD

– How to help a friend in crisis

– TikTok health trends, and whether to trust them

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October 2021

Settle down with the October issue of Happiful. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features, including: 

– The art of breathing, and how to optimise it for your wellbeing

– Wellness tools that are actually worth the hype

– Learn how to spot the signs of burnout

– Habits that will help to change your life

– Tips for stopping shame spirals in their tracks

– How to navigate life as a highly sensitive person

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September 2021

Be inspired, by the September edition of Happiful. This month, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

– Can harnessing a sense of nostalgia support our wellbeing?

– How to deal with difficult emotions

– What really goes on in group therapy?

– Could embracing our inner child at work boost our career?

– The serious benefits of laughter yoga

– Creative activities to plot your life

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August 2021

Dive into our August issue. This month, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

– How stargazing can support our mental health

– Journaling techniques to help you get to know yourself

– What it means to be non-binary and how to be a better ally

– Could virtual reality technology help us overcome social anxiety?

– How to overcome fears and phobias

– Science-backed ways the four elements boost our mood

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July 2021

Celebrate the skin you're in with our July issue. This month, we're bringing you an uplifting range of features, including:
– The stories that are written on our skin, and how to celebrate them
– How to embrace imperfection
– The ultimate guide to rest and relaxation
– How to talk to kids about disability
– What are vulnerability hangovers, and why do we feel drained after opening up?
– An expert guide to IBS

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June 2021

Tune-in to your needs with our June issue. This month, we’re bringing you an uplifting range of features including:

– One woman’s touching journey with paddleboarding

– The signs of parental burnout, and how to help

– Tips for when anxiety strikes

– Dr Alex George on good health and finding balance

– Why every-body is invited onto the yoga mat

– How to deal with anger

– 50 good news stories from 2021, so far

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May 2021

Go back to your roots with our May issue. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features.

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April 2021

Be uplifted by our April issue. This month, we’re bringing you a supportive range of features.

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March 2021

With our March issue, we're helping you regain control with a host of insightful features on making your job work for you.

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February 2021

This February, discover the power of YOU. As well as inspiring true stories and expert advice, we’ve got a packed issue of practical guidance, to support you on your own journey.

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January 2021

This year, we're dedicating our January issue to helping you to navigate your way towards a place of self-love and acceptance. Discover an empowering range of features, including:

– A guide on how to spot a fad diet – The provocative artform teaching you to put yourself first, – Tips on supporting a friend struggling with their body image – An expert look at how to challenge your inner critic

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December 2020

In our December issue we celebrate the heroes who helped us through lockdown, present the small business gift guide, and help you navigate the holidays with social anxiety.

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November 2020

In our stress special, we reveal how to look after your emotional energy, share tips to help you deal with financial stress, and uncover things you didn’t know could be symptoms of anxiety.

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October 2020

We uncover the power of crafting in our October issue, Jay Shetty reveals ten tips to transform your mindset, and we share the steps you can take to build a better relationship with your body.

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September 2020

Know your worth. We share steps to help you discover self-love in our September issue, founder of Diversity Ashley Banjo reflects on a slower pace of life, and body acceptance activist Stevie Blaine opens up about body confidence for men.⁠

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August 2020

Embrace the world around you with our August issue. We discover how to harness the power of the great outdoors, The Body Coach opens up about fatherhood and role models, and Deliciously Ella shares the strength of slowing down.

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July 2020

Appreciate moments of joy with our July issue. We uncover how reading the right books can support our mental health, Jack Monroe shares how to turn negativity into personal strength, and Annabel Karmel opens up about coping with grief.

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June 2020

Find your light with our June issue!

We speak to real people about the moment they overcame their greatest challenges, Jamie Windust shares their journey with self-expression and acceptance, and Jack Garratt opens up about learning to live with his negative emotions.

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May 2020

Put sleep problems to bed. In our sleep special we explore common sleep scenarios to help you drift off, Davina Mccall talks about embracing her inner child, and Willow Crossley highlights the healing power of nature.

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April 2020

Be kind this April Cover star Saffron Barker opens up about tackling online trolls, Izzy Judd shares tips on making time for self-care, and Grace Victory explores alternative therapies.

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March 2020

Shine your light this March! Cover star Johannes Radebe opens up about paving the way for change, Frankie Bridge shares the reality of mental health, and Mother and Papa Pukka reveal their tips to rediscover long-term love.

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January 2020

Make the new year all about you with our January issue. This month, read a range of uplifting features including:

– Influencer and feel-good guru Chessie king opens up about her journey to unconditional self-love. – Discover unconventional approaches to treating anxiety. – Explore the benefits of hot yoga. – Bosh! uncover the secrets of a perfect vegan feast. – Put your health above work and extinguish burnout. – Learn to love Mondays by defeating Sunday night anxiety.

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December 2019

Celebrate the closing of another year with our December issue. This month, read a range of uplifting features including:

– Founder of GIRL vs CANCER, Laura Mahon reflects on life after trauma. – Eight questions to ask when you need to check in on your mental health. – Expert tips for putting insomnia to be, for good. – Author, Scarlett Curtis explains why it’s OK to feel blue. – 30% of millennials and 15% of boomers report loneliness. Find out how to thrive on your own. – We share the ABCs of IBD

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November 2019

Get cosy this winter with our November issue. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features including:

– 'Love Island' star Chris Hughes on low-mood, panic attacks, and the power that he finds in being vulnerable – We speak to seven counsellors about their best advice for everything from stress to body image – How does a diagnosis of CPTSD differ to PTSD? We find out more. – The plus-size model Georgina Horne speaks about bereavement and creating an online community – What does it mean to experience eco-anxiety? And what can we do to curb it? – From baths to burners, how can aromatherapy enhance our wellbeing?

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October 2019

Ease into autumn with our October issue. This month, we’re bringing you an empowering collection of features including:

– Star of Strictly Come Dancing, Dianne Buswell opens up about exercise addiction and the importance of fueling your body and mind

– Learn how to practice unrequited self-love

– The fitness guru Alice Liveing on why she’s speaking about her experience with domestic abuse

– Could getting honest about what we like in bed be the key to better wellbeing?

– Five ethical fashion brands that give back

– Best-selling children’s author Robert Muchamore

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September 2019

Be inspired to celebrate the the things that make you who you are with our September issue. This month, we’re bringing you an uplifting range of features including:

– Actor, author, and YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher opens up about rebuilding after a relationship, and the importance of setting boundaries

– We look into the truth about trich, the condition that gives people to urge to pull out their hair

– Gok Wan chats body confidence in the digital age

– Could understanding our brain functions be the key to unlocking confidence?

– We break down some of the most common misconceptions about BPD

– Blogger Anna Newton reflects on the lessons she’s learned as she approaches 30

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August 2019

Realise the strength of your own power with our August issue. This month, we’re bringing you an invigorating range of features including:

- The empowering influencer Grace Victory opens up about healing from abuse, breaking taboos, and living your best life - Go with the flow and discover the connection between your menstrual cycle and mental health - Mind coach for ‘Celebs Go Dating’, Anna Williamson chats love and life lessons - The story of how poetry became an outlet for one woman with BPD - Finding calm moments with explorer and broadcaster Aldo Kane - Discover the secret to a good night’s sleep

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July 2019

This month, be uplifted by an inspiring collection of features including:

– Singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé on anxiety, identity, and how slowing down has helped her refocus her mind

– Four unusual ways to boost your confidence

– Author Matt Haig discussing the power of stories

– The companies loosening their ties in the name of better workplace mental health

– Musician and producer John Newman shares his greatest life lessons

– The most common health anxiety myths debunked

– Nomophobia: do you fear being without your phone?

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June 2019

This month, be inspired by a range of invigorating features including:

– Social media phenomenon Louise Pentland on bereavement, life after abuse, and appreciating the little joys in life

– As 74% of us report being overwhelmed by stress, how can tech help support our wellbeing?

– 'Bake Off’s' Nadiya Hussain opens up about anxiety and supporting the next generation

– What does it mean to experience gender dysphoria? And what help is out there?

– 'The X-Factor' star Lucy Spraggan shares her journey to a more confident place

– After going through mental illness, can sex be part of recovery?

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May 2019

This month, be empowered by our May issue with a range of uplifting features including:

– Body positive blogger Megan Crabbe on anxiety, anorexia, and the power of self-love

– How to overcome a fear of flying

– The body talk endemic: why we need to be kinder to ourselves

– Ruby Wax explains how mindfulness changed her life

– What is body dysmorphic disorder, and what support isout there?

– Rose McGowan redefines what it means to be brave

– How can art be used as a mental health outlet?

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April 2019

Join us as we celebrate our second birthday with our biggest issue yet! This month we’re honouring the power of kindness with an empowering range of features, including:

– The Body Coach Joe Wicks on fatherhood, finding balance and how addiction shaped his childhood

– Broadcaster Emily Dean opens up about bereavement and the power of dogs

– Easy environment-savers to help you take sustainability into your own hands

– An expert look at what it means to experience psychosis

– West End star Layton Williams on rising above bullying

– Stress-reducing reads to help you recognise triggers and take back control

– Professional football player Fran Kirby on inspiring the next generation

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March 2019

Love is in the air… This month we’re bringing you an inspirational mix of features including:

– Activist and model Munroe Bergdorf on self-care, social injustice and the need for change.

– In a world that can back you into a corner, learn how to claim your space.

– April Kelley reflects on bipolar and bisexuality in a letter to her younger self.

– Broadcasting legend Lorraine Kelly talks social media, MH and menopause.

– Five women share their experiences of the highs and lows of motherhood.

– Blogger Kelvin Davis on how fashion can change the world.

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February 2019

Our February edition of Happiful Magazine has landed and this month we’re bringing you a thought-provoking mix of features, including:

- Love Island star Kem Cetinay on anxiety, PTSD, and how the love of his family is helping him through it

- A look at eating disorders in the LGBT+ community

- Author and vlogger Hannah Witton busts some myths on life with a stoma

- With anxiety in children on the rise, could classroom yoga be the key to better MH?

- Matilda child-star Mara Wilson on OCD, and breaking up with Hollywood

- Learn about Time to Change, the global movement transforming the way we talk about mental health

Happy reading!

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January 2019

Start 2019 on the right foot with our January issue. This month we’re bringing you an immersive range of features including:

– Dame Kelly Holmes on anxiety, depression, self-harm and understanding the mental health pressures on athletes

– With the loneliness epidemic on the rise, could a refreshed sense of community spirit be the cure?

– Tracy Beaker author, Jacqueline Wilson, on tackling tough topics in children’s fiction

– What happens when you have too much of a good thing and healthy goes too far?

– JOMO: the wellbeing phenomenon we all need in 2019

– Food writer and activist Jack Monroe shares how cooking has become her therapy

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December 2018

Deck the halls – December issue of Happiful is here! This month, we're bringing you an inspiring collection of features:

– Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon chats about anxiety, self-esteem and standing up for what you believe in

– Give your loved ones something memorable this year with our winter gift guide – Will you take up the challenge to run every day in January?

– Boxing legend Frank Bruno on his mental health journey

– Star of Strictly, Karen Clifton opens up about the pressure of the glitterball

– Mind: A closer look at one of the UK’s largest MH charities and the people who make it

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November 2018

November issue of Happiful magazine is here! And so is the colder weather, so get comfortable, make yourself a cuppa and settle down as we bring you an invigorating range of features including: – Mental health activists Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn, driving the discussion on suicide prevention and men’s mental health – A look at the science behind positive psychology and how it could change your life – Walking as therapy with Kate Humble, and why we should all make time for mindfulness – The cyberbullying crisis and what we can do to stamp it out – Read the story behind Movember, the charity asking you to grow a mo to save a bro this November – Midwife, mother, author and influencer Clemmie Hooper chats about the realities of motherhood and talking MH with kids – Mental health hero Hussain Manawer shares his story, and explains why it’s essential we continue to talk openly about mental health.

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October 2018

October issue of Happiful is here! So sit back and get cosy as this month we bring you an uplifting range of features including: – Chidera Eggerue: known as The Slumflower to her more than 220,000 social media followers, the founder of #saggyboobsmatter chats body confidence and the power of “choosing yourself” – Blogger Estée Lalonde pens a personal piece on her journey to thriving alone

– Exploring the science behind positive affirmations and the incredible ways they can empower us

– Izzy Wheels: the diasbilty fashion brand championing the freedom to express yourself

– In a candid chat with the founder of Deliciously Ella, we take a look at love and life lessons with Ella Mills

– Why you should wear yellow for the YoungMinds charity on 10 October

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September 2018

September issue of Happiful magazine is here, and this month we're asking the question: "What are you doing for others?" So sit back, grab a cuppa and flick through an inspiring mix of features including:

– Lucy Watson on her life-long relationship with counselling, and bringing veganism to the masses

– The truth about Hypnotherapy: what really goes on in the therapy room?

– Managing mental health and learning to leave a role on the stage with Dreamgirls’ Moya Angela

– An expert guide to spotting the signs of Passive Aggression

–Learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank with Dale Pinnock

– Our 10-step guide to going Cruelty Free

– How Lady Gaga put the ‘pokerface’ to one side and started talking MH

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August 2018

Our August issue of Happiful magazine is here, so what better excuse is there to take a break and relax in this glorious heatwave? Time to grab yourself something ice-cold to quench that thirst, and treat your mind to some TLC by having a read of our latest edition.

This month we’ve got an exciting mix of features including:

– A candid chat with Strictly star and radio host Gemma Atkinson about conquering body-shaming trolls and finding therapy at the gym

– Our essential summer reads to keep you entertained and benefit your mind this summer

– Five-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams on addressing her anxieties and empowering women

– A closer look at the invaluable work of the Mental Health Foundation

– Yoga Quota: the charity making the mindful practice accessible to all who need it

– Healing anxiety and finding body-confidence with Chloe Madeley

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July 2018

Our July issue is here, and this month we're all about embracing who you really are. To inspire you to do just that, we've packed the mag with a range of exciting features including: – Journalist and mental health advocate Bryony Gordon on sobriety and learning to love the skin she's in – Knit for Peace: the charity changing the world one stitch at a time – Tackling "taboobs" with Invisible Cabaret, the troupe exploring MH through burlesque – Vlogger Angela Cox shares how she said 'enough' to the things holding her back – Six real-life stories to inspire you to embrace your true self – Actor and blogger Carrie Hope Fletcher talks responsibility online and finding that all-important work-life balance

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June 2018

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time for our June issue! This month we’ve got an uplifting collection of features including:

– Love Island star Olivia Buckland shares her ongoing battle with anxiety, and finding her fairytale ending with fiancé Alex Bowen

– After a lifetime of anxiety, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills has found his own therapy; taking comfort in being pushed out of his comfort zone

– How to put procrastination in the past – get proactive with your to-do list, today!

– Discover the training revolutionising workplaces: Mental Health First Aid

– Tune in to what the music industry is doing to support musicians’ mental health

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May 2018

This month we’ve got an invigorating mix of features including:

– Giovanna Fletcher on motherhood and supporting each other to love the skin we’re in – Denise Welch celebrates her 60th by penning a letter to her 16-year-old self – Adopt don’t shop with Pete Wicks and his four-legged friend, Eric – Dr Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic, on mindful eating – CEO of the West London Mental Health Trust on LGBT+ rights and Broadmoor Hospital’s future – The music merchandise company that donates 50% of its profits to Mind

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April 2018

This month we’ve got an uplifting mix of features including:

- Alexandra Burke: the Strictly star speaks grief, anxiety, and moving on in an intimate interview - CEO of Mind, Paul Farmer on the mental health agenda - The Big ‘O’ and its health and wellbeing benefits - An in-depth look at adolescent mental health - The “Mother of all Challenges” for Sport Relief - The power of movement and empathy runs

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March 2018

We asked Juno Dawson, the award-winning author and star of ITV's Transformation Street, what the press could do to support the trans movement. She replied, “Let us speak for ourselves.”

So that's what we did.

This issue includes an exclusive interview with Juno on embracing her true self. Also: - The ultimate guide to massage - Setting the agenda for talking about MH with Alastair Campbell - Charity MQ on why research into mental health matters - Five inspiring tech innovations making the world a better place

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February 2018

In aid of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got love on the brain – namely the importance of self-care, self-love and empowerment. Our features include: · Callie Thorpe, the BoPo blogger on reshaping the way society views plus-size and the secret to her self-confidence · Dancing on Ice star Jake Quickenden shares his family grief and being inspired to live each day to the fullest · Our comedy special asks stand-up performers whether mental health can be a laughing matter · We follow three people in their pursuit of happiness: transforming their careers to make their passions pay-off · Social enterprise Change Please who are changing the lives of homeless people, and all we have to do is buy a cup of coffee · A guide to navigating a mental health doctor’s appointment – from someone who’s experienced them first-hand!

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January 2018

It’s time to say your final goodbyes to 2017 because your January issue of Happiful magazine is here! This month we’ve got an invigorating collection of features including:

Anna Richardson, the daring TV presenter on mental illness and therapy for the masses Fifty mental health myths debunked Childline founder Esther Rantzen on the loneliness epidemic How to take care of your mental health in a cash flow crisis Jasmine Hemsley on fine-tuning the body and mind Join Happiful’s 90 day challenge and achieve your goals

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December 2017

This month we have an inspiring mix of features including: - Louise Thompson, the Chelsea girl who turned her life around and found a brighter future - Twenty of the greatest mental health songs - Musician and YouTuber Dodie Clark on her lesser-known mental illness - Our guide to a stress free Christmas - The Flying Seagull Project, the charity putting a smile on the faces of refugee children - Insight into what really happens in couples therapy

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November 2017

This month we have 100 pages devoted to mental health and wellbeing, with features including:

– Katie Piper, the acid attack survivor pioneering a positive new world – Bake off’s Prue Leith talking recipes and relationships – Amy Winehouse’s legacy living on – Blogger Emma Blackery on battling her demons – Uncovering the truth about revenge porn​ – Ethical designers revealing the true cost of fast fashion

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September 2017

This month, Happiful is all about positive steps to make our lives and wider world a brighter place. Our features include:

- Denise Welch on sobriety, positivity and facing her darkness - A 12-step guide to guilt-free happiness - Sporting soprano and Invictus Games ambassador Laura Wright - A special report on mental health in football - Plus an insight into our primal instincts: fight, flight, or freeze

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August 2017

This issue is jam-packed with stories to brighten your day. So what’s this month’s issue got in store?

- Tamara Ecclestone opens up about her separation anxiety - We uncover the mystic tradition of Tarot - The ‘internet’s big sister’ Grace Victory talks body positivity - We’ve got tips on how to stop negative thinking - Plus 7 science-backed secrets to getting to sleep in minutes

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July 2017

Our July Summer Special is all about living in the moment while the sun shines! We have 50 outdoor activities that can take your mind on a fantastic adventure. Also in this issue – TV star Jeff Brazier describes his journey from grief to happiness, following the death of his wife Jade Goody, and raising their two children as a single parent. We also pin-point the effects of acupuncture treatment, and in an extra-special feature we interview Britain’s Best Agony Aunts, including the nation’s favourite problem-solver, Deidre Sanders.

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June 2017

Hero for mental health Matt Johnson speaks out. His terrifying ordeal. His amazing recovery. His mission to help others. Plus, 9 ideas that will make you happier (Approved by scientists!), when to wear red and when to wear blue in our mindful summer dressing and panic attacks in children - what to say and do.

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May 2017

How the 'Beauty Queen of the Jungle' became a role model for mental health awareness, featuring ambassador Amy Willerton.

This months featured charity is Age UK, Mohammed Khan shares the life-changing impact volunteering as a 'dementia befriender' has had on his outlook.

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April 2017

We’re on a mission to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable society. Our aim is to provide informative, inspiring and topical stories about mental health and wellbeing. We want to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and to shine a light on the positivity and support that should be available for everyone, no matter their situation.

We hope you enjoy reading out first issue.

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